Capt. Leo's 4" Silver Butterscotch Mullet
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 Grand Slam Baits has a color they will be using in their Salt water swim bait lures that can be use in all types of discolor salt water. The rule of thumb for color that the Angler’s use are, if the water is clear then they would use a color that is lighter and if the water is dark then they would use a darker color or match the hatch. This color has been used in the Mosquito Lagoon in dirty/stained/cloudy/Algae/clear water and on foggy morning and overcast day and clear days. Other color used work but this color gives you about 40% more strike when use in these discolor salt water. What more can the Angler need to have on the end of his line a Grand Slam Bait Lure with the Right Color when fishing in those types of water and condition.

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  • Manufacturer: GrandSlam Baits

Capt. Leo's 4" Silver Butterscotch Mullet

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